Cyber Pest Control

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Cyber Pest Control is a new 3d game developed for both iOS and Android devices. The game centres around defending the famers crops against the hungry hoards. The desperate farmers thus seek aid and so employ the services of the Cyber Pest Control Agency to defend the helpless crops.


Cyber Pest Control Agency Robots.

Several Robots can be hired to protect the growing harvests, each with a unique special move and varying rates of recharge and overall speed.

Farmers from all around the globe seek the services of the Cyber Pest Control Agency, from the Arctic Winter Worries to the scorching Hot Hot Desert.

Can your robot survive the tropical Pirate Cove or the sustained fury of Cabbage Capers.

The pests come in all shapes and sizes, from the common garden caterpillar, snail and slug to the ferocious Tortoise and cunning rabbit.

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Each of the four main robots work for the Cyber Pest Control Agency. They all offer unique characteristics that add a further dimension to the game.




William is an ancient Victorian robot that is powered by steam and holds his charge remarkably well. The downside is that he moves rather slowly and takes a while to recharge.

This old timer with the steam punk persona is very rugged and reliable. Just keep him stocked with coal and he will chug along all day zapping pests and watering crops.




Peter is a modern battery powered robot that needs the occasional recharge. His attributes are quite unremarkable, indeed his all-round abilities are deemed quite average.

He loves chasing down all pests and takes pride in his work and exemplary three star record. With an average speed and recharge ability Peter is a great choice especially for the beginner.




Kylie is a female robot that needs recharging often. She loves her pet robotic dog, and will occasionally call him when aid is required.

She is a fast robot that requires charging more often than some of her peers, but her speed makes chasing down pests both fun and rewarding. The strategic use of her pet can be the difference between success and failure.




P-61 has been sent to the agency from the future. This plasma fused force is the fastest of the agency robots, but needs recharging the most frequently.

His sheer speed makes chasing down pests and navigating between vegetable patches a minor chore, but make sure he is kept recharged or the best made plans will go awry.

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Farmers request aid from all around the globe, from icy wastes to tropical islands and scorching deserts. Each area is divided into ten levels with an increasing number of vegetable patches to defend from varying pests.



Pests come in three colours, red, green and blue and require that a robot has the correct coloured tool to spray them.

Each areas has five distinct and troublesome pests, and all with the sole purpose of totally decimating the farmers crops.

Vegetable patches are made up of five plants that must be defended to gain access to the next level and ultimately the next area. When a level timer runs out stars are awarded based on the number of crops left in each patch.


Water Bay

Vegetables begin to grow as long as they have water and not currently under attack. Plants can be helped along through the use of fertilisers, which are awarded for killing pests, and by watering.

Plants begin to wither and die if they run out of water or come under direct attack, so water regularly and keep your robot charged. If you run out of charge, you will not be able to irrigate the crops.

Recharge Bays

Recharge Bays

Each recharge bay is unique to a particular Robot, and located somewhere in the level. It is particularly important to keep your Robot charged, as a speed penalty is incurred when power levels drop below a certain point.

Each Robot has a unique special move accessed through the yellow icon on the screen (see the gallery).

This move can only be initiated once while playing any particular level. The special move also drains power and can only be utilised if some charge remains available to the player.


Random Powerups

The water bay will only operate if the Robot has some charge remaining, so level success ultimately comes down to strategy.

Exterminating pests will sometimes trigger a random powerup. These can either boost the Robot's energy, water all the plants, provide fertiliser for the crops which will give them a growth spurt, or spawn a random trap for the pests.

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What should I do if I find a bug with the game.

The game has been rigorously tested before release, but bugs can be reported via

Can I transfer store items to another device with the same account.

Only non consumable items can be transferred, these include scenes and additional robots.

Can I make suggestions for game additions or improvements?

Sure, we welcome all feedback to help improve the user experience. Please contact

I am finding the game extremely hard, any tips?

Try watering regularly and use your special move wisely. The game offers three modes of play, easy, medium and hard, try an easier mode and build up slowly. Additional buffs can be purchased through the in-app store, these simplify the game somewhat.

Are their plans to expand the game with new pests, robots and scenes?

This depends on the success of the current release, if the game is financially viable, then we will offer expansions through the store.

What programs did you use to create the game?

The 3D graphics were extensively modelled with Blender and the textures created with Gimp. All icons are created with Inkscape. Unity 3D is the game engine of choice for this particular project.

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Your Privacy

We, that is Software Alchemy Ltd, do not personally collect

and store user or device information. Data that exists in the

app is stored internally on the device only.

Game concept and ideas:

Timothy Carr, Andrew Branch, Ian Ruddy, Nicholas Carr

Lead game designers:

Andrew Branch, Timothy Carr

Lead Graphic artist:

Timothy Carr

Graphic Artist:

Andrew Branch

Lead Programmer:

Andrew Branch


Nicholas Carr, Ian Ruddy

Android Programmer:

Nicholas Carr

Music and Audio:

Andrew Branch


Nick Carr

Web Administrator:

Ian Ruddy

Web Development:

Ian Ruddy, Timothy Carr

A big thanks to the following people for creating great free tools and assets.

Game Engine:



Blender Foundation, Inkscape, Gimp, Openclipart.

Music and Audio:

Mattias Westlund, Free Sound.


Aron Granberg (A* Pathfinding Project), Bob Berkbile (iTween).

A big thanks to the following people for the great tool training we used in creating this game.


CGCookie, Blender Guru and various youtube tutorials.

Music and Audio:

Groove3 and various youtube tutorials.

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